General FAQ

Who is Sharmaine-Cherie?

I’m Sharmaine-Cherie, the owner of Inclusive Yoga and Tutoring at Home. I’m a very passionate, calm and focused hard worker who discovered Yoga while in a full time Teacher role recovering from a spinal injury. I am no longer able to work in this role and now instead I’m teaching Yoga, Chair Yoga and Meditation sessions and run a home tutoring business. 

Thanks to Yoga and tutoring I have a balanced lifestyle and enjoy movement every day whether it is teaching Yoga or as a student, participating in it and by taking long walks next to the ocean or in forests and meditating in nature. Primary school teaching was something I did for so many years and helping students learn and watching them grow is still something I adore, and luckily enough Tutoring and teaching is something I am so passionate about, I will be a lifelong learner as I love to learn new things. Empowering people to be the best version of themselves is my mission. My mission with my services, is to empower you to create your naturally healthy, heart, body and mind, with Inclusive Yoga or (and) to support your child’s learning journey with home tutoring. You can also find me teaching Yin Yoga in Walkerville, St. Morris and Pt. Adelaide and in the homes of people who find studio’s overwhelming or not accessible. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram to take a peak inside how I myself live my mission of empowerment. I share regularly about Yoga, and Meditation and Education and living an empowered life through Perceptions, this is my blog and you will never miss another if you would like to add yourself to the list below.

Yoga FAQ

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a mind and body practice with a 5,000-year history in ancient Indian philosophy. There are various styles of Yoga that combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation. It is my belief that everyBODY can do Yoga in some form to gain the ability to slow down the fluctuations of the mind and find a connection with the true self.

What styles of yoga do you teach in Adelaide?

I share all about the styles I teach on my Inclusive Yoga page. Click the image to check it out.

Do you only teach Yoga in people's homes or workplaces?

I am happy to teach Yoga in your place, workplaces, and other mutually agreed venues and locations. Often clients like to have regular sessions in the comfort of their own home and then weather permitting at a local park or on the beach. If others in your workplace would like to join in on a regular basis I am more than happy to work time and payments for you. I also offer Family Yoga, Children’s, Special needs, and Yoga for Sporting teams!

How much are your Yoga sessions?

Inclusive Yoga sessions are $65 per hour and discounts apply for pre-booked packages.

What should I bring to Yoga?

A smile and willing attitude, a towel, drink bottle, and a Yoga mat (mats are not provided).  Bolsters, straps, and blocks are provided.

What should I wear to our Yoga sessions?

Wear comfortable work out clothing. If it is cool wear some light layers. Some people prefer to wear socks while doing Yoga but you may find the mat slippery with them on, you may like to purchase some socks with grips on the base of them to help prevent this.

What should I expect in my first Yoga class?

Inclusive Yoga is to all levels and all levels of flexibility. It is recommended its best not to have a full meal within two hours of a class. Check out the Inclusive Yoga page for some information on each style of yoga taught by Sharmaine-Cherie.

Can I do Yoga if I am not flexible?

Saying you’re not flexible enough to participate in Yoga is similar to saying you’re too dirty for a bath! EveryBODY can participate in some form of Yoga and there is only one way to improve flexibility and its by moving our bodies. When I hear people say this I have to wonder if they have tried Yoga and haven’t actually found the right type of Yoga for them, or the right Yoga teacher.

Could there be a medical condition that prevents me from participating in Yoga?

As is the case with starting any new physical exercise program it is important to first consult your doctor, physio, or another health professional if you have any issues or concerns. It is very important that you alert me of any illness or condition that may affect your ability to safely participate in a Yoga session/class. I can recommend modifications to suit or which postures to avoid to help you to participate safely in your yoga class. Depending on the type of injury or illness you are looking after you may be asked to provide medical clearance before you commence a session/class.


Home Tutoring brings learning to your home for your child. The focused attention in a one-on-one environment empowers both student and tutor in a way that is not possible in the classroom. I am able to support goal setting, address individual student strengths and areas to grow, to help build academic self-confidence and encourage motivation. I am able to assist students to reach their full potential.


The aim of Mindfulness into Stillness meditation is to learn to deeply relax the body, to calm the mind and to progress using mindfulness into the deeper stillness of meditation. You may be taking up meditation to manage stress or to heal physically or mentally, to find more peace and balance in your life, to be more efficient at work or to perform better at sport, or to be a nicer person. Around 7,000 research articles confirm that all these outcomes can follow with the regular practice of meditation. It makes good sense to begin meditation with any of these intentions in mind.

While meditation has a myriad of well-proven benefits for our health, our healing and our well-being, the real gift of meditation is that it helps us to get to know ourselves better. And in doing so, meditation brings a deep confidence and contentment. A sense that we are fundamentally okay, that life makes sense. And what we are left with is a natural good humour and an easy smile; the essence of meditation. I am able to coach and lead you into Mindfulness into Stillness meditation, you are then able to learn and practice.

Why Chair Yoga is perfect for YOU!

If you are living with disabilities, weight challenges, inflexibility, or simply cannot get on the floor for whatever reason (such as age or being in a crowded work environment) you can still benefit from a daily practice of yoga on a chair in the comfort of your home or office, get fit where and when you sit.  By using the chair in yoga, it replaces the mat and becomes an extension of your body allowing you to take full advantage of yoga’s amazing fitness and health potential.  Even if you are in a wheelchair, you can receive the many benefits of chair yoga –  all asanas are adapted to the chair which means every BODY can experience the integration of body, mind, and spirit that is Chair Yoga.

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