See For Yourself Why Clients Recommend
Inclusive and Chair Yoga with Sharmaine-Cherie



When I first did yoga with Sharmaine I was very hesitant as I was 60yo and never done yoga in my life. I was pleased to realise that Sharmaine catered for all ages and experience levels.  I found doing her classes a whole body and mind experience. I was more relaxed and flexible after just a few classes. I also suffer from back pain from an injury I have had for years, I found yoga to helpful in releasing tension in my back which in turn gave me a better quality of life. I would fully recommend Sharmaine and her yoga classes. 



Sharmaine is such a calming presence and the yoga she delivers leaves you feeling very grounded. I feel like a huge weight has lifted from me when I walk out.



My first yoga experience was with Sharmaine and I felt amazing! Very grounding and I felt whole, like a complete person after our sessions!

Highly recommend especially if you are suffering from any anxiety, depression or stress.



I enjoyed Yin Yoga classes very much. sooo relaxed and my muscle stiffness is all gone after a class. Also your talking helped with relaxation. Most enjoyable, see yousoon I hope! Namaste.


I’ve been having weekly sessions at home with Sharmaine for the last month or so, and already I’m noticing a huge difference in my stamina and flexibility.

I live with a mobility disability and Sharmaine has been fantastic with helping me work out which poses work, how to modify positions, and how to target and stretch muscles that have become tight and painful because I have to sit down a lot. I’m doing twice as much without pain now as I was even a few weeks ago.



I have been doing yoga on and off for a while now with Sharmaine. I absolutely love it, I always feel so good and bendy afterwards and either full of energy, or so relaxed I need a nap!

She’s so good at trying new ways of doing things as I’m in a wheelchair.



I love Sharmaine’s Yin and Meditation classes! Sharmaine has a warm and gentle energy and led us through all postures carefully, offering options and suggestions. I felt renewed and beautifully stretched. I’m like a new better more peaceful person whenever I attend Sharmaine’s classes.



I was lucky enough to find Sharmaine-Cherie and it was my first ever try at yoga.  I felt a bit silly but she put me at ease straight away.  She was able to accommodate my injured knee and shoulder throughout the class and now after a few months I have much more range after careful modifications were provided to me. Her well rounded yoga poses allow me to really calm down and feel into my body.  I have recommended her to a few other friends and we all really enjoy attending sessions and are feeling much better and are enjoying the flexibility that yoga offers us. Thanks Sharmaine!


I always enjoy weekly yin yoga class!  Very relaxing, centering and calming. Sharmaine is a wonderful instructor! She has a great energy and vibe. 


I feel so much more relaxed at the end of Sharmaine’s yoga class than at the beginning. 


Sharmaine always guides us calmly through a very rewarding Yoga class. I am strengthing and stretching in pure serenity.


Most relaxing and calming hour that sets me up to cope with anything the world throws at me.


I have never been successful at Meditation until I attended one of Sharmaine’s Yin Yoga Meditation classes.

Sharmaine has such a nurturing soothing voice which totally relaxes you as she takes you through the meditation & yin yoga poses.

An amazing blissful class that will leave you totally relaxed and floating on air.  Namaste

Kelly B

Everybody needs Meditation and Yin Yoga with Sharmaine in their life.
Sharmaine’s voice was made for meditation. Listening to her while she talks you through the steps of meditation and yoga is so relaxing, you are really able to put the days troubles and worries to one side.
I highly recommend Sharmaine and I guarantee you will feel more relaxed and ready for whatever is next after a class with her xo


Really enjoy Sharmaine’s yin yoga classes.   I feel Wonderful for the rest of the day.  Its great for the body and mind to recharge and reconnect in this class.


I had never done yoga before and at the end of every session I feel more relaxed and free in my body and alot less tight and sore and ready for the week ahead. 


Sharmaine is a fantastic yoga instructor. I always leave her classes feeling better than ever!  I will certainly continue with her.


I’ve done 2 sessions with Sharmaine Cherie and found it fantastic. I have left very relaxed afterwards and really liked her teaching style. I’ll be back!