Are you standing on the precipice?


Spending some time watching this dear Pelican as they swam calmly down the River Torrens to where the river meets the ocean, and as they reached this ledge they slowed right down. Casting a watchful eye on what was before them. With careful moments they hesitantly placed one webbed foot and then the other. Slowly it took baby Pelican steps forward not sure how to best move nor what was laying ahead but knew it wanted to etch forwards. For quite a while it stood and watched and waited no doubt planning and thinking…


Sharmaine-Cherie Yoga

After a few moments more it raised its wings and with one or two flaps of their wings they gently glided down into the next level. Re-tucked all the feathers and continued on.

On reflection I began to feel even more deeply connected to creation and creatures. How alike we are… When facing uncertainty, we have choices. we can plunge into the unknown, or we can choose to yield, think, and plan and rely on our own set of skills to help us navigate the journey ahead. Hopefully, this leads us to the next place, safely, where we can continue onwards.

Blessings always xo?

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