Take the time to turn inwards…

You often hear of people at the turning of the New Year set resolutions. For some it works, for others it applies unnecessary pressure and feelings of overwhelming failure when they aren’t accomplished. Be kind to yourself! With all the build-up of the end of the year, our bodies are intrinsically tired and well the end of the decade our system can be double the size.

This month with practice I have invited my Yoga clients to set sankalpa’s rather than ‘resolutions’. In this way we are invited to listen to what it is our bodies, minds and spirits are calling us to do. Whether it be ‘become calm’ ‘live with ease’ or healing it is in the quietness and stillness when we listen our body knows what it is we need.

Many of my Yin classes this month has focused around our Yang and Yin lines that help our body to move between the 2 with more ease. The shapes were also sequenced to restore and reconnect after the hectic past month and days we may have experienced.

The particular Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we made connection to the outer lines of our body. It is said these lines help us re-connect with our boundaries, permission, action, and inner strength.

Gift yourself with a sankalpa which means an intention formed by your heart and mind – a solemn vow, determination or will- use it as a tool to refine the will and to focus and harmonize your mind and body

Sharmaine-Cherie Yoga
Sharmaine-Cherie Yoga

One of our Yoga Teachers, Janet Stone offers this;

A sankalpa or intention simply is a gathering of energy and turning of attention. Its based in the present moment but it has one eye gazing towards the future. Intentions hold dreams, hopes and in many cases the expectations we hold of ourselves and of this life that is unfolding through us. When used wisely Sankalpa/intentions are the engine behind the daily choices and the compass we can use to orientate ourselves.  They can also help dissolve the puppet strings that might have us acting out a life that is discordant to our true nature.

Clients were then invited to think of an attribute they know about themselves …. I am…….. It could be “I am….. peaceful or calm or at ease or capable or worthy. Inhale and repeat this in your mind.

Now think about something you would like to gain more of…. for the exhale it could be “I will be……… more forgiving, accepting, calm, still, focused” etc Pick just one to become your sankalpa.

Inhale the  “ I am……..        Exhale the  “ I will…..

If your mind begins to wander during our session today bring your mind and focus back to your own sankalpa, or in moments when life presents us with overwhelming feelings and emotions, bring yourself back with the anchor of the breath and your sankalpa.

Find your way back to you, then navigate from here

Blessings always,

Sharmaine-Cherie xo

Sharmaine-Cherie Yoga
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